Building Materials

We have various building materials and supplies available for order and for purchase:

Aggregates, Sand, and Stones

We retail course and fine aggregates such as: crushed rock, gravel, sand, stones, and even recycled crushed concrete. Due to various types and quantity, please contact or visit us for more information.

Bricks, Blocks, and Pavers

We retail building bricks, blocks, and pavers such as: clay bricks, concrete bricks, concrete blocks, concrete pavers, and stone pavers. Due to various types and dimensions, please contact or visit us for more information.

Cement and Lime

We are proud to retail LaFarge Malaysia’s cement products, including: Mascrete LH, Mascrete Pro™, Ordinary Portland Cement, Phoenix, Rumah, and Walcrete. Construction lime is available in different types and quantity.

Wall Caps and Coping

Wall caps and coping are used to provide a protective surface for any type of wall-like structure. They shelter the wall from harsh weather effects, such as rain and sunrays. We retail block, brick, concrete, and stone caps.