Structure Steel Products

We are able to fabricate multiple types of merchant bars. We have angle bar, round bar, square bar, flat bar, and channels.

  • Angle Bar is usually used for bracing and brackets and they can be fixed together by means of bonding, riveting, welding, or even with nuts and bolts.
  • Flat Bar is a known building block for various fabrications and projects where bracing, brackets, and roll forming are needed.

We have circular hollow sections, rectangular hollow sections, and square hollow sections. Also available are various types of plates such as mild plate and high tensile plate. We too have multiple types of mesh such as welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh.

  • BRC Meshes: Our custom welded wire meshes such as drain mesh, household mesh, slab mesh, wall mesh, and water tank mesh are manufactured by BRC. BRC’s mesh are up to standard according to SS18:1999, SS32:1999 or SS561:2010.